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GramJS is Telegram client implementation in Javascript. This project's core is completely based on Telethon. All the files which are fully based on it. don't forget to have a look to the original project.

Obtaining your API ID and Hash

  1. Follow this link and login with your phone number.
  2. Click under API Development tools.
  3. A Create new application window will appear. Fill in your application details. There is no need to enter any URL, and only the first two fields (App title and Short name) can be changed later as long as I'm aware.
  4. Click on Create application at the end. Now that you have the API ID and Hash

Running GramJS

If you want to run in it in a browser just use webpack (a configuration file is already present). The output will be in browser folder. In the browser gramjs will use localstorage to not regenerate api methods each run. check the examples folder for more info.

Generate Session String

To generate session string , simply run npx tgsession and provide required details

Using raw api

Currently you can use any raw api function using await client.invoke(new RequestClass(args)) . you can find all the requests and types at https://gram.js.org/


you can find the docs at https://painor.gitbook.io/gramjs/ or https://gram.js.org/ which has all the functions with a usage example

Asking questions

If you have any question about how to use the library feel free to open a github issue or join us at the telegram group @GramJSChat

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